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The 5th generation press

With five years in the field and over a thousand presses in professional, home and industrial shops the Big BLU presses are unparalleled in there refinement, reliability and quality. We are Proud to present our new 5th generation 50 ton press. BLU just gets the job done and does it for years to come.

50 Tons of pressure!

"Something magical happens when you get a press up to 50 tons" - Jim Gallucci.
The challenge is to balance scale and efficiency. We all want the best tool we can get, but it needs to be at the right price. This press meets that challenge by providing an excellent value per ton while putting enough of those tons into one compact approachable machine to meet the needs of hobbyist, professional, and industrial shops.

Proudly Made In America

More than just Made in America, we source as many components locally as possible. This keeps our footprint low and closes the loop on our supply-chain saving you money and keeping jobs here in the USA.

Get the Dies you need with your machine

The press comes with your choice of flat or drawing dies so that you can get right to work. If those are not what you need, this can also act as a credit for any of the more expensive die sets available for this machine.

Must Have Dies

Big BLU is world renowned for our S7 forging dies, both in quality and variety. Just like with the power hammer, we offer a wide range of both standard and specialized dies and we keep them on the shelf ready to ship out when you need them. The best thing is that if you buy a set today and use them for years until they are in need of replacement, then any future die purchase will be the exact same high level of quality.

Check the dies we have available here!

"Tons" of Die Configurations

There is no hard fast rule that tells us what dies are best. Every shop is different and your work is a reflection of your tools. This is why your dies need to be flexible, customizable, and easy to change. All of our press dies are mounted on modular quick change plates that allow the die to be mounted on one side or the other as well as rotated in each location. This is great for operations like shouldering, drawing, and stamping. When it comes to working with Damascus, this is a game changer! Each pattern is offset and can be rotated 4 different ways for different effects per die set!

Check the dies we have available here!

Industrial Design

Simplicity is key! While this press has a big job to do, the way in which it gets that job done is important. We built this machine with industrial grade components and professionally engineered systems using a design philosophy that values cleanliness, repair-ability, and longevity.

100% Duty Cycle

It's simple, dissipate more heat than you make. First, we stream-lined the pressurized section of the hydraulic system by having as little fluid as possible between the pump and the cylinders. This means less heat each time the press hits full pressure. Then, we submerged the pump in the hydraulic tank, not only does this kill the noise made by the pump, but it also keeps the most critical and hottest part in this machine as cold as possible. This mixed with a flow-type system, reserve cooling tank, and oversized control block all adds up to let this machine stay within operating temperature even in a hot environment under a grueling workload.

Reserve cooling tank

The 15 gallon cooling reservoir on this machine keeps it cold while adding to its longevity due to the non-corrosive nature of this tank.

Easy to move by a single person

Mobility means you don't have to devote a permanent section of your shop to this machine, even if you work alone. The design of this machine allows for one person to move the machine across even a rough floor.

Fits through a standard walkway door

At 33-1/2" wide. You can just about take this machine anywhere, even through a standard doorway, without taking the door off its hinges.

Physical Dimensions

This machine packs one heck of a punch in a small package. It is only 33-1/2" wide, 46-1/2" long, and 69-1/2" tall.

No Exposed Hydraulic Lines

The compact design of this machine keeps the hydraulic lines safe from you as you handle hot steel and keeps you safe from them. The power unit for this press is built using a manifold that is built into the valve block. This means there are only 4 hoses on the entire unit. They are all the same size hose and they are tucked right behind the cylinders. This keeps them safe and even if they are ruptured the leak will be contained close to the ground.

Standard Hydraulic Fluid

There's nothing special needed to get this press up and running. When your new press arrives, you need 15 gallons of any agricultural hydraulic fluid. Chances are the cheapest hydraulic fluid they have at your local farm supply is perfect and you most likely won't gain anything by using anything more expensive. As long as it's clean, it's hard to go wrong!

Single Phase Power!!!

Due to nature of the valving on this machine it is possible to run this powerful 5 HP motor off of only a 220 Volt line with a 30 Amp breaker. This means that this press can be used in almost any home or garage shop application.

Included 10' power cable and plug

Every press ships with a 10' power cord and Nema 6-50 plug. All electrical components built to an industrial standard.

12" wide opening with a 8" stroke

The steel opening between the two runners is actually 13" wide and is only narrowed to 12" by the central gib system. This means you can get both very wide or angled pieces in to work on. This mixed with the 8" of stroke you have to work with vertically gives you a massive range of materials you can work with as well as space for the custom dies to get the job done.

American Made Casters

That's right, the casters are local and high quality. This is a powerhouse of a machine on wheels and it will go anywhere in your shop. There when you need it, gone when you don't! The casters are a big part of that. Two straight casters in the front and two larger swivel casters on the back make it easy for a single person to maneuver this machine around in a tight shop. Even if your floor is uneven or pitted, the spider base will help it conform to the floor and prevent rocking on uneven surfaces.

1 Year BLU-Power Warranty

We spend a lot of time checking over every product before it goes out the door to make sure it is up to the highest standard. Thus, we stand behind our press with a one-year warranty because we believe our press is the best!

Top and Bottom Limit Switches

That's right! You can set the limits both opening and closing this press. To make things even better, the switches are accurate within 50 thousandth of an inch. This means that for planing down a surface or smoothing out a billet, you don't have to worry about any inconsistencies. When working with Damascus, this saves time so you no longer have to grind down to that one time you pressed too deep.

On the other hand, by using the lower limit switch, you can set how far the press opens. No matter how fast a press is, it never pays to waste heat waiting for the press to close the distance when it doesn't have to.

High Speed Operation

Our pump delivers astonishing pressure, but it's also got flow! Our press clocks in at 1.5 to 1.7 Inches per second at 72 degrees ambient. Its pressure curve is tuned to be soft enough to make the press feel stable as it loads up against a piece of work while being aggressive enough not to waste heat and time. This careful balance is really one of the crowning characteristics that sets our press a step above.

Over-sized Filter

Maintenance? Keep it clean, keep the gibs oiled, but don't ever worry about that hydraulic fluid. As long as you don't break into the hydraulic system, the filter that comes stock on this unit should be effective for years if not decades.

Ready to ship

We test each press to make sure it is in top-notch condition before it ships. Then, we drain the fluid out of it so that it can be freighted to anywhere. And we mean anywhere! The unit is built on a pallet that can be enclosed for shipping in addition to using international friendly material for the machines that have to go overseas.

Finance Friendly Operation

The way we quote machines is perfect if you want to finance your machine. We have been in business for over 20 years, as well as a member of the Better Business Bureau. We keep machines in stock and have a good reputation and documentation of how our machines hold their value. Once you have a quote in hand from us, financing is a snap!

The 5th generation press

With five years in the field and over a thousand presses in professional, home and industrial shops the Big BLU presses are unparalleled in there refinement, reliability and quality. We are Proud to present our new 5th generation 27 ton press. BLU just gets the job done and does it for years to come.

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