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Big BLu super hammer

The SUPER 155 is the industrial build of the 155 MAX. While the hammer head stays roughly the same size the substantial frame provided more stroke and throat while an upgraded air system increase power and speed. The BLU SUPER 155 comes standard with the clamping mode feature.

BLU SUPER155 Specifications:
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Important Features:
- Low daily maintenance.
- American made - all components readily available.
- Technical service is just a phone call away.
- Scientifically balanced ram to anvil ratios for maximum effectiveness.
- Dies are made of heat treated S-7 tool steel.
- Our QC™ die system allows fast easy changing of interchangeable dies.
- Meets OSHA safety specifications.
- Over 180 degree foot pedal control easily accessible regardless of operator works right or left handed.
- No moving parts other than the free-floating head.
- Operates almost noise free except for hammer blows.
- Economical to purchase - even for hobbyist.
- User friendly.

The Big BLU Power Hammer continues to become the workhorse and center of activity in hundreds of shops across the United States and in many foreign countries around the world.

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