4th Annual Reforged Maker's Fest

4th Annual Reforged Maker's Fest

The Maker's Fest is a fundraising event meant to bring together artists and craftsmen of a wide vareity to showcase their works and support the Reforged mission.

Live demonstrations will be going on both days, with breakfast & lunch available by Loyal Texas BBQ

Featured Bladesmiths:
Caylor Forge and Leatherworks, Taylor Made Knives, 420Knives, River King Forge,  and more!


109 W Grayson Street,
San Antonio, TX 78212


October 7, 2023 10:00 AM
October 8, 2023 6:00 PM

More details here

Contact us: 210-417-8111 or reforgedadmin@reforged.org

2024 Power forging Class

January Power Forging Class 2024

In this class, we will take two days to cover the basic operations of the Big BLU power hammer and press. We follow the BLU element forging curriculum. This will give hands-on experience with many elements that will build your skills in freeform forging as well as general power forging. Each morning, we will start at 8AM where you will work your way through the curriculum by forging elements on different machines with varying dies while observing the work of the instructor and other students. We break for lunch around noon. After lunch, the forge is open for you to practice the skills you have learned and explore the tooling we have available to you. The forge closes at 4:30PM.


Big BLU Hammer's Main Forge
3308 Frank Whisnant Rd
Morganton, NC 28655


Hands on instruction: TBC Jan 2024 8AM to 12PM
Open Forge: TBC Jan 2024 1PM to 4:30PM
Hands on instruction: TBC Jan 2024 8AM to 12PM
Open Forge: TBC Jan 2024 1PM to 4:30PM


$185 per student
Limit 8 per class

Contact us: (828)437-5348


North America’s Largest Blacksmithing Community

The first conference, where ABANA was officially born, was in Westville, Georgia in 1973.

Throughout most of ABANA’s history, there has been a national conference held in a new location every other year.

The first ever Iron to Art Festival was held in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 2021 celebrating the home office relocating to Johnstown.


Johnstown, Pennsylvania


June 6 - 9, 2024
Thursday - Sunday


Details are being worked out and will be announced at a later date.

Email: info@abana.org

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