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BLU MINI POWER HAMMER - ships ready to us with right handed die holders and one set of half sized knife making dies.


The BLU Mini is a hammer like nothing else, we or anyone else, has built before. This machine is made to fit a need in our community: the need to make power forging more portable, accessible, and affordable than ever before. We want to see more free form forging out there as the knifemaking and maker communities mature and pave the way for new heights in the understanding and application of the forging trades. We are proud to lead the way with our powerful and portable BLU Mini!

100% Portable!
The hammer top detaches from the base with 2 bolts allowing for a single person to move this machine.

The base weighs in at roughly 40 pounds while the hammer top section is around 120 pounds.

This hammer will fit in the trunk of most cars.

Important Notes!!!

*This product is in its early stages of release and some specifications may vary. However, it's kicking butt as is. Here are the things we are still ironing out for those who place orders early:

- The final foot pedal design, it has to have a guard on it.

- The finished stickers and color scheme.

- The warning stickers, because it may look cute, but it will still bite you.

The 30" tall working height is ideal for small projects.

The overall footprint is only 25" wide, 31" deep, and 62" tall

- 41 pound Ram! Built for materials up to 1" bar. It will do bigger, but it takes some time.

- 160 bpm under pull power with up to 220 bpm for planishing.

- Two part construction for easy transport.

- Can be moved and setup by one person.

- Runs on a small portable compressor: 2.5cfm for light work or demonstrations and 4cfm for production.

- 6 gallons of air tank give you about a minute of forging.

- Tripod stand for stability anywhere, ie grass, dirt, gravel, wood, concrete.

- Anchors with a single mount point into the ground, if needed.

- Uses half sized BLU dies but will work with any half or full sized BLU power hammer die.

- Configurations available for left handed, right handed, or centered forging operations by changing die holders.

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