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The BLU 110 MAX 11th generation has more power and more speed to provide maximum productivity. The Max 110 has been designed with today's metalsmiths in mind. Its innovative yet simplistic design allows it to be part of any size shop.

BLU MAX 110 Specifications:

- Comes Ready to use with a set of Knife forging dies included with the machine

-Runs effectively at 125 psi for 95% power index
Min 40 PSI minimum for 20% power index
Max 160 PSI for 100% power index

-Average air consumption during hot forging is 16-18 CFM-Normally paired with a 5HP compressor with an 60 - 80 gallon tank

-Big BLU QC™ Quick Change Die System

-Dies are interchangeable between all Big BLU Power Hammers with QC dies

-110 pound (50 kg) Ram (Hammer head)

-700 pound (318 kg) anvil

-1.75" x 3" x 5" (44.5 x 76.2 x 127 mm) Dies

-2.5" (63.5 mm) bore cylinder with double wear bands.

-9" (190mm) Adjustable Stroke.

-Full control on material and tooling up to 4.5" tall

-Infinite control of 0-275 strokes per minute coupled with a soft touch to massive blows is achieved by use of foot pedal.

-The 18" (457 mm) throat accommodates 36" (914 mm) plates and/or pieces of unusual sizes and shapes.

-OSHA Treadle Guard.

-89" (2261 mm) high, 36" x 20" (914 x 508 mm) base.

-1575 pound (630 kg) total weight.

-Sand can be poured inside the back frame as ballast adding in excess of 300 pounds (140 kg)

Shipping and Moving Dimensions:
- On the ground with the cylinder off 72"tall
- On the pallet with the cylinder off 78" tall
- Shipping size while in full crate on pallet 44" wide 35" deep and 88" tall

OPTIONAL: Clamping Mode with 800 pounds static pressure.

Important Features:

-Low daily maintenance.
-American made - all components readily available.
-Technical service is just a phone call away.
-Scientifically balanced ram to anvil ratios for maximum effectiveness.
-Dies are made of heat treated S-7 tool steel.
-Our QC™ die system allows fast easy changing of interchangeable dies.
-Meets OSHA safety specifications.
-Over 180-degree foot pedal control easily accessible regardless of operator works right or left handed.
-No moving parts other than the free-floating head.
-Operates almost noise free except for hammer blows.
-Economical to purchase - even for a hobbyist.

BLU QC™ (Quick Change) interchangeable die system with knifemaking dies included.

The Big BLU Power Hammer continues to be the workhorse and center of activity in hundreds of shops across the United States and in many countries around the world.

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